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Authorship: 100% danij

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February 2011
2011-02-23 Fixed : Trim trailing whitespace from text string replacements in DEH patches. Fixes various minor rendering issues when drawing such strings aligned horizontally to center or right edge.
November 2010
2010-11-17 Changed : Removed numerous redundant/useless log messages output when running with elevated log verbosity.
November 2009
2009-11-17 Added : Support the Eternity extension for setting the amount of ammo used per shot in Weapon blocks.
2009-11-16 Fixed : Changes to map name strings from Plutonia and TNT did not work.
2009-11-16 Fixed : "Plutonia 2 Dehacked Not Read". []
July 2009
2009-07-01 Fixed : "Compatible Dehacked file not loading" (see here Fixed dpDehRead: If multiple Text definitions with the same id are found (i.e., "patched" by a later def
May 2009
2009-05-26 Fixed : SIGSEGV when attempting to set a map par time, if the search-by-map-name returns empty handed. Thanks yagisan.