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August 2011
2011-08-05 : Do not fatal error if an unknown Material name is encountered in a Material modification def. Instead we'll log the problem and continue to parse the definition using a dummy ded_material_t struct.
2011-08-05 : Include the full name of the currently loaded game in the title of the main Doomsday window.
July 2011
2011-07-16 Added : Added additional small yoffset to the console command line cursor in drawConsole.
June 2011
2011-06-22 Added : Added default Patch Replacement definitions for the DOOM intermission screens to values.ded and added a SkipIf -nodefaultfx check so that they can be excluded from the command line.
2011-06-21 : Moved the built-in patch replacement strings for the DOOM game menu into values.ded
2011-06-18 : When cvar "rend-dev-wireframe"=1 the text decorations (i.e., shadow and glitter) are now drawn in wireframe as well as the text itself.
May 2011
2011-05-12 : Do not warn about missing sound lumps whilst parsing DEDs, instead, warn at sample cache time.
2011-05-05 : Turned cvar "menu-effect" into a 3-bit field - 0x1=Use text type-in, 0x2=Use text shadow, 0x4=Use text glitter. Setting this cvar to zero now actually does disable all of the menu effects :)
April 2011
2011-04-26 Fixed : Console command usage info printed to the console now outputs the description first, followed by the usage patterns then the extra info (in CBLF_LIGHT). Fixed indenting.
March 2011
2011-03-04 : Removed dependence on the GLU library; the only thing we were using it for was gluBuild2DMipmaps. As a temporary measure I've borrowed code for this from the Mesa 3D graphics library to ensure continuity and to avoid introducing any new issues. Howev
2011-03-02 : Removed support for GL_EXT_paletted_texture (-paltex) - explicit hardware support for paletted textures is long gone and it ain't coming back.
February 2011
2011-02-25 : When using console word completion mode 0 (echo all) automatically reset the console history buffer line offset.
2011-02-23 : Reset the console last command cursor when closing the console.
2011-02-21 All Games : Revised the "give ccmd" in response to the issues raised by Changed Hexen: Console command "give a" now gives ammo (a.k.a, mana).
2011-02-20 All Games : The automap is considered a part of the HUD; so hide the automap along with the rest of the HUD widgets when the engine advises us.
2011-02-13 : Renamed ccmd "listfiles" to "listwadfiles".
2011-02-12 : Initial console height is now SCREENHEIGHT/2
2011-02-11 : Minor visual tweaks to the control panel's help widget. Changed: Made the project url drawn in the control panel 50% more translucent; we now draw this with an embedded shadow so it doesn't need to be as prominent.
2011-02-10 : Allow overloaded ccmds to use the same callback function provided the ccmd usage signatures are unique. Changed: When using the ccmd "help (what)", automatically indent the extended usage information for neatness.
January 2011
2011-01-28 Windows : Do not use the DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH signal in DllMain for Doomsday plugin initialization, instead, do as we do on *nix (locate the address of DP_Initialize() and explicitly call it ourselves).
2011-01-17 : Improved functionality of ccmd "listmaterials" to split results into namespaces if not (punning) and sort alphabetically.
November 2010
2010-11-17 dpDehRead : Removed numerous redundant/useless log messages output when running with elevated log verbosity.
2010-11-01 : M_PrettyPath now hides the } and > control characters if passed a basedir relative path.
2010-11-01 : Made verbose the memory volume creation log message output by Z_Create.
October 2010
2010-10-13 Added | Doom : Added HacX to the list of known IWADs and added a "-hacx" command line override. Added Snowberry: Created a new game profile for HacX.
September 2010
2010-09-23 : Renamed cvars "rend-dev-blockmap-debug" and "rend-dev-blockmap-debug-size" to "rend-dev-blockmap" and "rend-dev-blockmap-size" accordingly, removing the redundant "debug" term.
August 2010
2010-08-12 Doom | Heretic | Hexen : Bad texture animation cycles (e.g., as defined in ANIMATED lumps) now produce a warning in the log instead of a critical error message.
2010-08-08 : Reimplemented the skymask using a stencil. Changed: Removed cvar "rend-sky-full" as it is no longer useful.
July 2010
2010-07-20 Fixed : Removed fixed limit MAX_HANDLERS (was 128) - maximum number of input event handlers per finale script.
2010-07-17 Fixed | Refactor : Removed fixed limit MAX_SEQUENCE (was 64) - number of allowed frames per InFine Pic/Anim object. Reworked the script interpreter command operand parsing so that parsing of the operands is done outside the command action functions. Began refactoring F
2010-07-15 Fixed : Removed fixed limit MAX_PICS (was 128) - maximum number of Pic objects per InFine script. Changed: Removed fixed limit MAX_TEXT (was 64) - maximum number of Text objects per InFine script.
June 2010
2010-06-14 Added : Replaced Material flag MATF_GLOW with a glow strength multiplier (member of Material) and reworked handling of the per-material glowing properties to allow for variable strength glows. Removed per-plane glowing properties as these are now redundant.
May 2010
2010-05-21 All Games : Allow camera players to move almost twice as fast as non-camera players when "running".
2010-05-21 GL : When loading sprites add an additonal 1-pixel border around the graphic which is then scaled and clipped out at render time. This addresses various GL filtering issues where a sprite contains color information in the edge texels.
2010-05-21 : Implemented GL_ScaleBufferNearest; a nearest neighbor image scaling algorithm for use with tiny graphics (w*h < 16) rather than hq2x. The hq2x algorithm can do nothing to help graphics this small and better results can be obtained with the simple
2010-05-21 : Do not disable the ColorOutlines algorithm on Patches loaded with the Upscale and Sharpen filter applied (defer until after the upscale).
2010-05-20 Doom : Draw all owned keys on the statusbar if not cvar "hud-keys-combine" (e.g., if the player owns both the Blue Keycard and the Blue Skull they will both be drawn in slot 1).
2010-05-18 Doom : Changed the built-in Patch replacement strings for the main menu load/save items and the headings on the load/save menus to better match the original patches.
2010-05-18 Doom : Changed the default colors for the menu, fullscreen HUD and large statusbar counters to better match the original Patches.
2010-05-18 Heretic | Hexen : Remapped the FONTA character patches for ASCII 91-94 to minimize impact on the standard naming convention. The new mapping only requires swapping the patches for characters 91<>95.
2010-05-16 : Disabled the BlackOutlines algorithm previously used on Upscale and Sharpen patches. The black outlines only really worked with Heretic's big green font yet made the others look much worse. If this enhancement is to be automatically applied then it n
2010-05-16 Fixed : When loading Patch format graphics with both the Upscale and Sharpen and Monochrome translation/filters enabled do the Monochrome conversion first, then Upscale and Sharpen. As this produces better results. The Upscale method utilizes the HQ2x algori
2010-05-14 All Games : Allow the gravity multiplier to work in single player games as well as multiplayer.
2010-05-13 Doom | Heretic : As the kills/items/secrets counters are now part of the regular HUD they should be colored by the cfg.hudColor.
2010-05-10 GL : Removed the splitting of large Patch and Raw format graphics into two textures. Back when this was implemented the maximum texture dimensions supported by many GL implementations was considerably smaller than is common today. So to preserve quality D
2010-05-09 : Disabled lightgrid z-biasing as it does not work particularly well currently.
2010-05-09 : Use a slightly larger offset for mobj shadows to help avoid z-fighting. Todo: Replace with a method similar to that used with dynamic lights?
2010-05-09 : Long walls no longer receive slightly larger fakeradio shadows.
2010-05-07 : Do not prevent the movefloor/ceil ccmds from moving planes to or past the height of the opposite plane. For example, previously attempts to move a floor to the same height as the ceiling would be clamped to four world units below the ceiling. Doomsda
2010-05-07 : Use the same equation for calculating shadow darkness for mobjs as used with fakeradio. Default value for rend-shadow-darkness changed to 1.2
2010-05-07 Added | Windows : When running in windowed mode, use the dimensions of the virtual desktop for window position and sizing purposes (formerly the dimensions of the primary display). Added Win32: Command line option "-noframe": used in combination with "-wnd"/"-window"
2010-05-06 Fixed | GL : Do not set the texture wrap properties of the currently bound texture in drawConsoleBackground we have no idea which texture (if any) is. Console background drawing should be redesigned to happen entirely game-side if it needs this flexibility or sim
2010-05-05 All Games : Improved drawing of automap marked points by projecting them onto the edges of the view window (they are always in-view regardless of scale or position).
April 2010
2010-04-29 All Games : cvar hud-status-size is now defined as floating point.
2010-04-26 All Games : Aspect correct drawing of the map title display.
2010-04-26 All Games : New approach to drawing the statusbar which aims to preserve the original aspect ratio. If the window dimension aspect ratio is equal or near to the original ratio, the statusbar will be stretched to fill the available width. If not, the statusbar wi
2010-04-25 API | Fixed : Viewwindow is now specified in viewport coordinates (formerly fixed 320x200). Note that game-side we still use the fixed coordinate space for convenience and scale up when calling R_SetViewWindow. Changed API: Before calling game-side drawing routine
2010-04-24 All Games : Reordered items in the HUD menu grouping together player message options.
2010-04-24 All Games : Created a separate menu item for crosshair opacity and removed the alpha slider from the color selection widget. It was not immediately obvious that when vitality color was enabled that the opacity could be set independently.
2010-04-24 : Resolution independent aspect-correct drawing of the view border/background.
2010-04-24 : New approach to drawing player weapon sprites which aims to preserve the original aspect ratio. If the window dimension aspect ratio is equal or near to the original ratio, psprites will be stretched to fill the screen. If not, psprites will be centr
2010-04-23 All Games : New approach to drawing the menu which aims to preserve the original aspect ratio. If the window dimension aspect ratio is equal or near to the original ratio, the menu will be stretched to fill the screen. If not, the menu will be centralized and sc
2010-04-21 : Replaced 3D projection/field of view calculation and shortened the near clip plane for better support of ultra-wide/multi-monitor setups.
2010-04-21 : Tweaked crosshair drawing to improve quality at lower resolutions (800x600 or lower).
2010-04-20 All Games | Fixed : The map title display is now drawn for each viewport instead of over all viewports. Fixed All games: Other HUD displays were being drawn behind the "ReadThis" helpscreens even though they could not be seen.
2010-04-18 Hexen : Position the inventory left/right indicators relative to the number of visible slots.
2010-04-08 All Games : Further tweaked player/mobj movement friction and deceleration.
2010-04-05 Added | Doom | Heretic : Added a new sound id "secret" to be played upon the player locating a secret area. The same sound is still played by default but the new id allows modders to change them independently.
2010-04-05 Doom : Removed three unused sound identifiers that were not present in the original game: wsplash nsplash blurb
2010-04-05 : Default mipmapping filter changed to linear filter, linear mip (GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR).
2010-04-04 : CVar "rend-dev-mobj-bbox" Draw all bounding boxes for all mobjs, not just those which are sector-linked.
March 2010
2010-03-21 Added | Heretic : Items picked up by the player during map setup will not produce item-pickup sounds or screenflash. Pickup messages will be added to the log as normal.
2010-03-20 Hexen : It is now possible to -warp using the console if a game has not yet been started. In this instance a new game is initiated using the default skill and player class.
November 2009
2009-11-28 Debug : Debug messages such as "P_MaterialNumForName: "MYTEX" in namespace 1 not found!" are only produced at log verbosity level 1 or greater.
2009-11-28 Doom : Items collected by the player as a consequence of spawning into the map nolonger produce a pickup sound or result in a bonus flash.
2009-11-27 Doom : Split up finales.ded, moving the InFine script definitions for each game type into separate files prefixed by the game type string they are for. Common definitions (i.e., the "TITLE" and "Imp" anims) remain in finales.ded Changed (jDoom): Default InF
2009-11-19 All Games : cvar "msg-uptime" specifies time in seconds (was tics) and can now be set via the HUD options menu.
2009-11-18 Doom : Using the "give" ccmd to give the player health; amount given takes the player's health to the absolute health limit.
2009-11-16 Doom | Fixed : Renamed cvar "hud-title-noidsoft" to "hud-title-author-noiwad". Changed (Heretic): Renamed cvar "hud-title-noravensoft" to "hud-title-author-noiwad". Changed (Hexen): Renamed cvar "hud-title-noidsoft" to "hud-title-author-noiwad". Fixed (Doom): Map t
2009-11-15 Added | Doom : Logic of cvar "hud-title-noidsoft", now hides the map author if defined as "Id Software" if the map does not originate from an IWAD. Previously this behavior was dependent upon the map title patch graphic. Added (Herertic, Hexen): cvar "hud-title-nor
2009-11-08 : Thing ids (as specified in Thing definitions) are no longer case sensitive.
September 2009
2009-09-27 : Minor changes to how Doomsday interfaces with SDL_mixer to hopefully avoid a fatal exception thrown in winmm.dll (see here
August 2009
2009-08-30 Heretic : Using the console command "give" it is now possible to give a batch of the specified inventory items. For example, to give only Firebombs and Morph Ovums use the command "give i7i8".
2009-08-29 Doom : Amended in-menu label for compatibility option "PE LIMITED TO 20 LOST SOULS" to "PE LIMITED TO 21 LOST SOULS".
June 2009
2009-06-27 : Map Info definition, map name field can now specify a Text definition id to be used as the map name. If no Text definition id by the given name is found, the name will be used as-is.
2009-06-21 : Enhanced ccmd "spawnmobj"; when specifying the z coordinate use the keyword "random" to indicate that a random value between the floor and ceiling heights (minus height of the mobj being spawned) at the specified x/y location should be chosen.
2009-06-03 : Allow any material on any world surface when loading DOOM/Hexen format maps.
May 2009
2009-05-31 : Rather than draw an untextured quad if a texture for a given particle cannot be found, use the default "zeroth" texture instead.
2009-05-31 : Ensure shiny textures are uploaded with texture compression disabled (banding is very noticeable).
2009-05-29 All Games | Fixed : Use the standard ASCII codepage for fonts, remapping the existing character patches at start up. Fixed (all games): Drawing of the game font in the console incorrect.
2009-05-16 Added | Doom : Removed freedoom.wad from the list of recognised/supported IWADs and removed the command line option -freedoom. I don't know who or when this was added but we most definitely do not support freedoom currently.
2009-05-16 : Always force all non-middle seg sections opaque.
2009-05-12 Doom : Use the original STCFN* lumps (rather than the FONTA* lumps in jDOOM.pk3) for the small graphic font (desaturate and amplify at load time).
2009-05-05 Heretic : Speed+Use no longer skips an inventory item. The control binding system can now be used to replicate this functionality if desired. Removed command line option "-artiskip", obsolete. Changed jHexen: Speed+Use no longer skips an inventory item. The co
2009-05-04 : "msgrefresh" is now an impulse. The ccmd of the same name has been removed.
2009-05-04 GL : Use busy mode when doing a GL texture reset.
2009-05-04 : Emulate bug in original Heretic which results in immediate destruction of the Maulotaur's ground fire attack if attempted when the Maulotaur's feet are clipped (it is in a non-solid).
April 2009
2009-04-10 Snowberry : Removed option for disabling FMOD (no longer in use).
2009-04-10 Snowberry : Made SDL_mixer the default audio plugin under Windows.
March 2009
2009-03-25 : Do not spread objlinks over two-sided linedefs when the middle material on the back side of the spread direction completely fills the gap between floor and ceiling. Fixes the issue seen in Heretic E1M2 where the Undead Warriors hidden behind a one-wa
February 2009
2009-02-09 Added | All Games : A dead player can now instigate the "reborn" process by using the attack controls (formerly only "use" would do this). Changed to aid all those DOOM newbies out there. Note, a brief (one second) wait has been added to stop players from accidentally b
2009-02-03 : Ignore .gwa files in the WAD manager/loader as we no longer need (or want) to use them.
2009-02-03 All Games : Do not use the Thing COUNTKILL flag to determine whether it can be killed via "kill" ccmd. Instead, kill it if it is shootable, has a see state and is alive (health > 0).
January 2009
2009-01-29 : Only maximize the screen and hide the HUD displays if there is currently a demo being played and the player being followed is a camera.
2009-01-26 : Removed the /shinemaps shortcut mapping in pk3/zip archives, to avoid a possible issue in the future. Use /lightmaps instead.
2009-01-18 Doom : Improved precaching - inform the engine of many of the objects that we will be spawning dynamically once the map has loaded that it won't have known to precache as a result of loading the map itself.
2009-01-18 All Games : CCmd "conbg" now supports the paramaters "off" and (alias) "none" - remove the current background.
December 2008
2008-12-18 Doom : Enhanced 'give' ccmd - "give h" to give health (amount given is the normal maxHealth amount i.e., 100 by default).
2008-12-18 Heretic : Enhanced 'give' ccmd. Now works similarly to that of jDoom/jHexen. * Multiple items can be given at once (e.g., "give wak" for weapons, ammo and keys). * New paramaters; 'a' - ammo, 'p' - backpack, 'r' - armor, 't' - Tomb of power. * Changed paramate
2008-12-05 Added | Fixed | Heretic : When the "extended" version of the IWAD is player, allow the sixth episode to be loaded in singleplayer mode via the menu. However, also display a warning message that this episode isn't designed for that game mode. I didn't even about know these map
2008-12-05 Added | Doom | Heretic : Moved the definitions for which music track to play on each map into the external (default) Map Info definitions. Changed jDoom: Removed hardcoded limit on track numbers playable via the IDMUS cheat. Now all music tracks can be played, even ones adde
2008-12-03 : Removed requirement of one (or more) texture definitions during engine start up (PNAMES and TEXTURE1/2 lumps are no longer required).
2008-12-03 : Any material can now be flagged as "sky-masking" resolving the previous limitation which allowed only one material and it had to be a flat. Needed for jDoom64 which has no flats and has multiple sky mask textures.
October 2008
2008-10-22 Fixed | Heretic : Revised method for drawing the chain on the jHeretic statusbar; now drawn in two sections when needed (left and right of the gem) so as to maintain a uniform alpha value for the whole chain. Fixed jHeretic: The colour of the glowing gem on the status
May 2007
2007-05-21 : Output the ddkey name instead of the ASCII key code in CP_KeyGrabDrawer().
March 2007
2007-03-19 : use a struct for each plane's properties (needed for $nplanes).