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June 2020
2020-06-24 Scripting : Querying the current game rules
May 2020
2020-05-10 Added | Menu : Added menu item for binding "Show Taskbar"
March 2020
2020-03-04 Added | Scripting : Added App.Player.giveArmor()
November 2019
2019-11-30 : Hide "Unknown" map author
August 2019
2019-08-22 Cleanup : Wrong formatting in error message
March 2019
2019-03-02 : Script action functions for psprites
December 2018
2018-12-14 : Minimum valid value for "view-cross-width"
2018-12-02 Gameplay : Compatibility option for pushable momentum
2018-12-01 Fixed : Switching weapons
November 2018
2018-11-11 : Check for gameplay options in profile
2018-11-05 Cleanup : Removed cvar “menu-turningskull”
2018-11-05 Cleanup : Common turbo speed multiplier
September 2018
2018-09-30 Fixed : Server doesn't have the DisplayMode module available
2018-09-29 Menu : Automatic Episode selection
2018-09-29 Added | Fixed | Menu : Added automap option, fixed Player Setup page layout
2018-09-24 Controls | Menu : Improve control bindings menu layout
2018-09-23 Menu : Multiple improvements to menu behavior and appearance
July 2018
2018-07-01 Cleanup | Plugins : Updating String usage; other cleanup
January 2018
2018-01-21 Cleanup | Refactor : Game rules cleanup; use a Record internally
October 2017
2017-10-01 Client | SaveGame : Restore object links via a new mechanism
February 2017
2017-02-08 Fixed : “-warp” fails to work when given a single number argument
2017-02-06 Menu : Multiplayer is no longer in the game menu
2017-02-05 Fixed | Tools : Minor compiler warnings
January 2017
2017-01-05 Fixed : Potential crash when quitting the game
2017-01-03 Fixed | Menu : Deleting a save in menu disables the widget
2017-01-03 Menu | UI : Wider menu entries for save/load names
November 2016
2016-11-21 Added | Menu : Added Gameplay menu option for switch sound positioning
2016-11-20 Added | Audio : Added setting for switch sound positioning
2016-11-20 Fixed : Positioning of HUD/status bar when game is minimized
2016-11-18 UDMF : Experimental importing of UDMF format maps
2016-11-18 Cleanup | libgamefw : Cleanup
2016-11-17 Map Data : Map entity database stores coordinates as doubles
2016-11-14 Fixed | Multiplayer : Changing the skill level during multiplayer
2016-11-05 Client | Performance : Various minor optimizations
2016-11-04 Performance : Faster player status cvar updates
September 2016
2016-09-02 Fixed : All screenshots written with the number "000"
July 2016
2016-07-27 Fixed | Multiplayer : Chat messages not displayed
2016-07-14 Automap | Fixed : Map is not visible in the automap
June 2016
2016-06-12 Fixed : Ensure game unload is triggered when quitting
2016-06-11 Doom : Define tags for each game
2016-06-11 Fixed | Resources : Order of required game data files
March 2016
2016-03-25 UI : Quitting the game returns to Home screen
February 2016
2016-02-01 Doom : Game definitions may include release date and family
January 2016
2016-01-23 Resources : Specify startup files using packages
2016-01-20 Doom : Specify game IWADs as required packages
2016-01-19 Cleanup : Set the required packages for each game
2016-01-19 Fixed : Export basic plugin API functions as C
September 2015
2015-09-17 Added : Added impulse "flymode" (modifier 2)
July 2015
2015-07-31 Added | Doom : Added notification about psprite state changes
2015-07-27 Doom : Notify about player weapon changes
May 2015
2015-05-09 Fixed | Multiplayer : Close automap and inventory when player dies
2015-05-09 Fixed | Multiplayer : Close automap and inventory when player dies
2015-05-09 Cleanup | libcommon : Call ST_CloseAll() when player is dying
2015-05-09 Cleanup | libcommon : Call ST_CloseAll() when player is dying
February 2015
2015-02-28 libcommon : Include path for config.h
2015-02-28 libcommon : Include path for config.h
January 2015
2015-01-29 Fixed | Server : Spurious warnings re unknown "resetctlaccum" command
December 2014
2014-12-14 Cleanup | Refactor : Common config variables in one struct
2014-12-14 Cleanup | libcommon : Removed redundant common declarations
2014-12-14 Cleanup | libcommon : Calculating mobj movement friction
November 2014
2014-11-29 UI : Include the save slot ID in quick load/save confirmation messages
2014-11-28 libcommon : Copy GameRules when -warp'ing to another episode
October 2014
2014-10-29 : Don't fatal error when attempting to rebind key-delete-down
2014-10-27 Fixed | SaveSlots : Resetting last-used and "quick" save slots on game change
2014-10-06 : Cmd "warp" must handle maps not defined in the Episode progression
2014-10-05 Console | Fixed : Don't begin a game state change message if waiting for a response
September 2014
2014-09-29 : Moved definition of map title images to MAPINFO
2014-09-26 : Cmd "warp" and -warp now translate map numbers as warp numbers
2014-09-25 Fixed : Teleport destination collision test
August 2014
2014-08-24 Added | Menu : Added "Reset Tracking" in the Controls menu
2014-08-12 libcommon : Improved -episode and -warp to support episode IDs
2014-08-10 : Map title banners now include the "warp number"
July 2014
2014-07-25 libcommon | Refactor : Use ThinkerT for allocating and copying thinkers
2014-07-24 Menu : Disable selection of episodes whose start map is missing
2014-07-24 Menu : Automatically skip episode selection if only one is defined
2014-07-24 Added | Menu : Added an episode selection menu to all games
2014-07-04 : Improved -warp to support map URIs
June 2014
2014-06-29 : Command "warp" now also accepts a map URI
May 2014
2014-05-12 Fixed : Read-only cvar "game-save-last-slot" incorrect
April 2014
2014-04-13 Client | Fixed | Multiplayer : On map changes, end before beginning a new game session
2014-04-13 Fixed | libcommon | Multiplayer : GameRuleset mismanagement in a networked game
2014-04-13 Fixed | Server : "endgame" on server side cannot end the game session
2014-04-12 : "endgame" supports bypassing user confirmation
2014-04-12 Console | Fixed : "savegame" handling of user descriptions
2014-04-01 : Unified game session model
March 2014
2014-03-25 Fixed : Missing cursor in game menu editfields if empty when active
2014-03-13 : Attempt to restart the title loop should savegame loading fail
February 2014
2014-02-22 Fixed | Revert : Crash when setting up Controls menu
2014-02-22 Fixed : Crash when setting up Controls menu
2014-02-22 Documentation : Updated console help strings
2014-02-17 Fixed : Various minor compiler warnings
2014-02-04 Fixed | GCC : Build and link errors
January 2014
2014-01-30 Client | Fixed : Busy mode transition when map changes in netgame
2014-01-17 Fixed : Errors in release build
2014-01-13 Cleanup : Removed dead code related to player controls
2014-01-12 Cleanup | Plugins : Replacing use of Con_Message with App_Log
2014-01-12 Cleanup | Plugins : Replacing use of Con_Message with App_Log
December 2013
2013-12-18 Fixed | Menu : Double quit sound
2013-12-15 Fixed | UI : Transition after selection a menu item
October 2013
2013-10-09 Fixed : Latent links to deceased mobjs in the Blockmap
September 2013
2013-09-20 Menu : Removed obsolete options linking to the Control Panel
July 2013
2013-07-24 Automap : Removed the defunct old MapName widget
2013-07-23 Server : Notify clients when 'server-game-cheat' changes
2013-07-16 Automap : 'hud-title' cvar also hides the automap HUD title
2013-07-13 : Show map title and number when automap is open
June 2013
2013-06-11 Added | UI : Added "taskbar" cmd, replaced the Control Panel menu item
April 2013
2013-04-05 : Link game plugins with libgui for GUI features (DDKEY)
2013-04-01 Console | Documentation : Updated cphelp.txt and conhelp.txt files
February 2013
2013-02-16 Fixed : Fixed more thinker function type warnings
2013-02-15 : Fixing warnings about pointer types
December 2012
2012-12-18 : Removed "j" prefixes in definition and conhelp files
2012-12-15 Fixed : "listmaps" omitted maps outside the default progression
2012-12-13 Fixed : Centering the map title text
November 2012
2012-11-26 : Use fixed-precision collision tests with non-player mobjs
September 2012
2012-09-19 Fixed : Game state change/notification messages should not be hideable
2012-09-15 Updater : Ask to save before installing update
2012-09-15 libcommon : Common GetInteger routine for all games
2012-09-06 Refactor : Rewired map warp cheats using EventSequence command handlers
August 2012
2012-08-12 Added : Additional default control bindings for answering game messages
July 2012
2012-07-31 Fixed : Do not allow loading non-userwritable save slots with -loadgame
2012-07-31 Added : Optional load confirmation on player reborn
2012-07-13 Fixed : Ensure automap and/or inventory closed when map warping
June 2012
2012-06-28 Fixed : Update Mobj "selector" health bits immediately on spawn
2012-06-28 Fixed : Mobj "selector" left uninitialized until the first tic is run
2012-06-23 Added | Menu : Added MNList method for getting item's data
2012-06-21 Added : Added "game-save-last-loadonreborn" option
April 2012
2012-04-28 : Menu should not be activated by the Shift key
2012-04-23 Cleanup : Removed obsolete cvar ctl-look-mouse
2012-04-23 Cleanup : Removed obsolete cvar ctl-use-dclick
2012-04-22 Fixed : Automap "follow on/off" messages were reversed
March 2012
2012-03-07 Fixed | GL : GL error and crash with msg-show 0
2012-03-07 Fixed | GL : GL error and crash with msg-show 0
February 2012
2012-02-19 : Renamed cvar "menu-turningskull" as "menu-cursor-rotate"
2012-02-15 Fixed : A_Lower action could result in an undefined state
January 2012
2012-01-03 Fixed : Fixed monsters only attempting to target players #0..3
June 2011
2011-06-08 Fixed : Console help string for "reveal" - the subsector viewer has since been removed.
February 2011
2011-02-21 Changed : Revised the "give ccmd" in response to the issues raised by Changed Hexen: Console command "give a" now gives ammo (a.k.a, mana).
2011-02-20 Changed : The automap is considered a part of the HUD; so hide the automap along with the rest of the HUD widgets when the engine advises us.
2011-02-12 Fixed : Aim slope calculation discrepancy in P_AimLineAttack.
May 2010
2010-05-21 Added : Sequential cycling of player weapons using next/prev until the current weapon is fully lowered (for example, if the player owns weapons one through four and four is currently readied; cycling the previous weapon three times in quick succession will s
2010-05-21 Changed : Allow camera players to move almost twice as fast as non-camera players when "running".
2010-05-16 Fixed : After a teleport the player's view bob offset was not zeroed, resulting in brief interpolation of the view height from the old relative height back to zero. Fixed DOOM/Heretic: Teleporting voodoodolls would affect the real player's view height offset
2010-05-14 Changed : Allow the gravity multiplier to work in single player games as well as multiplayer.
2010-05-12 Fixed : Menu-shadow did not work.
2010-05-05 Changed : Improved drawing of automap marked points by projecting them onto the edges of the view window (they are always in-view regardless of scale or position).
April 2010
2010-04-29 Added : Fullscreen HUD "wide offset" scaling. When using ultra wide/tall window dimensions the fullscreen head-up displays would be positioned at the very edge of the window (often into the user's peripheral vision range). Wide-offset allows the user to spec
2010-04-29 Changed : cvar hud-status-size is now defined as floating point.
2010-04-26 Changed : Aspect correct drawing of the map title display.
2010-04-26 Changed : New approach to drawing the statusbar which aims to preserve the original aspect ratio. If the window dimension aspect ratio is equal or near to the original ratio, the statusbar will be stretched to fill the available width. If not, the statusbar wi
2010-04-24 Added : The Help screens shown when selecting "ReadThis" for the menu or using the (default) F1 shortcut are now defined as InFine scripts for customization in mods.
2010-04-24 Changed : Reordered items in the HUD menu grouping together player message options.
2010-04-24 Changed : Created a separate menu item for crosshair opacity and removed the alpha slider from the color selection widget. It was not immediately obvious that when vitality color was enabled that the opacity could be set independently.
2010-04-23 Changed : New approach to drawing the menu which aims to preserve the original aspect ratio. If the window dimension aspect ratio is equal or near to the original ratio, the menu will be stretched to fill the screen. If not, the menu will be centralized and sc
2010-04-20 Fixed : The automap display was being drawn behind the "ReadThis" helpscreens even though it could not be seen.
2010-04-20 Changed | Fixed : The map title display is now drawn for each viewport instead of over all viewports. Fixed All games: Other HUD displays were being drawn behind the "ReadThis" helpscreens even though they could not be seen.
2010-04-19 Fixed : When using lookspring the view pitch would not center when sidestepping left.
2010-04-18 Fixed : Do not do the text glitter/shadow effect for the space character.
2010-04-08 Changed : Further tweaked player/mobj movement friction and deceleration.
2010-04-07 Fixed : Tiny difference in walk-to-stop mobj momentum threshold compared to original behavior.
2010-04-07 Fixed : Look pitch multiplier changed according to the walk/run speed modifier. In the original games this multiplier is fixed.
2010-04-06 Fixed : "Bouncing off edges". (see here and
2010-04-06 Fixed : Turn speed does not consider "always-run".
2010-04-04 Fixed : "General: Mobjs overlapping more than one sector". (see here
2010-04-03 Fixed : Movement of the player's view point when riding moving platforms suggested the player was squating.
2010-04-03 Fixed : Potential infinite loop in wall slide algorithm.
March 2010
2010-03-27 Fixed : Menu type-in glitter and shadow effects not centered vertically on each character.
2010-03-07 Fixed : Climbing a step into a teleporter results in the player squating briefly after teleportation.
2010-03-02 Fixed : "Incorrect blast damage calculation". (see here
2010-03-02 Fixed : On entering a map after having left a previous one, the player's HUD weapon would be visible briefly before raising from the lowered position as expected.
February 2010
2010-02-28 Added : Darken the screen after the users quits from the menu.
November 2009
2009-11-28 Fixed : Upon spawning into the map the player's viewheight would be set at zero resulting. Fixed (Engine/All Games): When the player teleports the current view was not instantly updated due to smoothing, resulting in the player momentarily looking in the wro
2009-11-19 Changed : cvar "msg-uptime" specifies time in seconds (was tics) and can now be set via the HUD options menu.
2009-11-19 Added : cvar "view-filter-strength" strength multiplier for screen filters (such as that used when the player collectings items or takes damage). Note that in deathmatch games this value is ignored when drawing the damage filter.
2009-11-17 Fixed : "S1 lower Floor - nearest floor adjacent Sectors". []
2009-11-14 Fixed : "-warp and -nomonsters". []
June 2009
2009-06-23 Fixed : "Map crash when you reload after death" (see here
2009-06-21 Fixed : Mobj types from game modes where they should not be present could be spawned dynamically once the map had started (for example, attempting to spawn an Archvile while playing Ultimate DOOM via XG or the ccmd "spawnmobj").
2009-06-05 Fixed : "Load menu skull cursor initial position" (see here
May 2009
2009-05-29 Changed | Fixed : Use the standard ASCII codepage for fonts, remapping the existing character patches at start up. Fixed (all games): Drawing of the game font in the console incorrect.
2009-05-05 Fixed : CCmd "msgrefresh" not working. Changed jDoom/jDoom64/jHeretic: Renamed cvar "msg-secret" to "server-game-announce-secret".
February 2009
2009-02-16 Fixed : Bug #2131013 - Segfault if thing pain chance > 0 but no pain state. If the specified pain state cannot be found (or none specified) respond by attacking back but not attempting a mobj state change.
2009-02-15 Fixed : Bug #2431808 Unknown pickup items leading to a "P_SpecialThing: Unknown gettable thing" critical error. Rather than terminate, handle this gracefully by treating the item as inert (removing the mobj from world, counting bonus and executing any script
2009-02-10 Added : cvar "map-open-timer", number of seconds taken to open/close the automap. Set the default as 0.3 seconds (slightly quicker than previously).
2009-02-09 Added : CVar "menu-hotkeys" 1= Enable hotkey navigation in the menu. Enabled by default.
2009-02-09 Added | Changed : A dead player can now instigate the "reborn" process by using the attack controls (formerly only "use" would do this). Changed to aid all those DOOM newbies out there. Note, a brief (one second) wait has been added to stop players from accidentally b
2009-02-03 Added : Menu controls for configuring the HUD auto-hide options.
2009-02-03 Fixed : Position/size issue with the animated player preview in the player setup menu when using custom sprites with very different dimensions and/or offsets. Scale the preview display so that it is always draw at a fixed size.
2009-02-03 Changed : Do not use the Thing COUNTKILL flag to determine whether it can be killed via "kill" ccmd. Instead, kill it if it is shootable, has a see state and is alive (health > 0).
January 2009
2009-01-30 Fixed : Don't ask the player to confirm their suicide request if they are in fact already dead.
2009-01-26 Added : Crosshair vitality. Colour the crosshair according to how near the player is to death.
2009-01-18 Changed : CCmd "conbg" now supports the paramaters "off" and (alias) "none" - remove the current background.
2009-01-15 bug all games | Fixed : #2501751 - method of circumventing logic to prevent abuse of the automap cheats in multiplayer games.
2009-01-04 Fixed : During the transition between the GS_INTERMISSION and GS_INFINE game states there is a single gametic where neither the player's view is drawn (gamestate != GS_MAP) or the (de)briefing is visible (an fi script command hasn't yet executed yet the game
December 2008
2008-12-04 Fixed : When attempting to save the game whilst not in a map (e.g., during an intermission), the user would be told they can't save because they are dead. Instead, inform them that they can only save their progress whilst in a map.
November 2008
2008-11-03 : Removed the CLAMP macro as gcc was reporting it could lead to undefined behaviour. Use MINMAX_OF instead.
October 2008
2008-10-25 Fixed : Due to the different approach taken by Doomsday and DOOM.exe in defining texture/flat animations and the numerous PWADS which exist that exploit DOOM.exe behaviour; it is not possible to use Group definitions to externalize the IWAD animations. All d
2008-10-24 Fixed : A kludge in P_MobjMoveXY prevented missiles from exploding against skyhack ceilings but they would still explode if they crossed a skyhack floor. Handful of minor optimizations in p_map.c to avoid unnecessary DMU calls. Clean up.
2008-10-24 Fixed : PTR_ShootTraverse would check for sky hack ceilings but not sky hack floors when looking to suppress hits.
2008-10-20 Added : Added the following default control bindings * key-e = fly up * key-q = fly down * key-f = fall down jHexen: Changed the default bindings for inventory left/right to repeaters. jHexen: The default binding for refreshing the last displayed message was
August 2008
2008-08-26 Added | Fixed : Implemented a new scoreboard for all types of multiplayer game. All of the old frag displays have been removed. The scoreboard is visible by holding the '\' backslash key (by default) while in a multiplayer game. Note that this is an initial implemen
2008-08-24 Fixed : Viewer position interpolation was going haywire due to the fact each call to G_Display would modify the engine-side offsets using the current player. Instead, we now store these offsets in player_t and G_Display merely sets the offset before drawing
July 2008
2008-07-11 Fixed : If weapon ammo requirements are edited in values.ded so that all weapons require ammo; When all ammo had been expended P_MaybeChangeWeapon correctly concluded that no change would produce a fire-able weapon and thus player_t->pendingWeapon == WT_N
June 2008
2008-06-25 Fixed : Fixed the non-working knock back thrust in P_DamageMobj2
2008-06-25 : Moved the typedef dirtype_t into p_mobj.h
2008-06-25 Added | Fixed : Fixed a logic error in p_map.c which prevented mobjs from avoiding dropoffs correctly. Added logic to treat the mobj's current z height as the floor when stood on another mobj in P_TryMove2. Also began work on resolving the issues with P_SlideMove.
2008-06-25 : The macro INRANGEOF is now defined in the game header.
2008-06-25 Fixed : Revised WI_DrawPatch to take a ptr to dpatch_t rather than a lump num. This has the knock on effect that to use this routine, a patch must have been R_CachePatch'd first. Also fixed the issue with the HUD text type in timer not being updated when the
2008-06-25 : Moved the macro INRANGEOF into doomdef.h/h2def.h
January 2007
2007-01-14 : Updated data type and enumerated constant names in-line with our naming conventions. I got sick of trying to guess as to whether they were variables, macros, types or whatever.