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Authorship: 100% skyjake

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April 2018
2018-04-01 libgui : Improved draw/read framebuffer binding
February 2018
2018-02-18 libgui : Handling multiple color buffers
2018-02-18 libgui : Multiple color texture attachments
August 2014
2014-08-17 libgui : Querying sample count
March 2014
2014-03-31 libgui : Utility method for drawing the color buffer
January 2014
2014-01-14 libgui : Use a Property to track the default sample count
December 2013
2013-12-24 libgui : Fall back to non-multisampled if an error occurs
2013-12-20 libgui : Fall back to no depth/stencil texture (just color)
2013-12-16 libgui : Stereo left/right swap mode